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GTrek news

GTrek news

Please be advised that the GTrek III GPS data logger device is now out of stock and we do not envisage any new stock in the near future but we do have a few GTrek II's in stock at a discounted cost.

If you would like to register an interest and be informed when new stock is available please notify us via our contact us page.

The software supplied with the GTrek III is now fully compatible with Windows 11.

If you need updates click on the Update Button at he bottom of this page.

Google TourAs of January 11 2017 Google has removed support for the embedded version of Google Earth. See FAQ's for further information

GTrek-III data logger is to replace the GTrek-II

The new GTrek III is now available, it's the same as before and completely compatible. The only difference it has twice the memory, that’s 66 hours of storage with a one second update. The best news is it’s the same price.

Dates all wrong on your downloaed data ?
See the GPS rollover issue on the FAQ page.

Download the file fixer here. Save the ZIP file, extract the contents, double click the .EXE to run.

Happy new year

We would like to wish all our customers and website visitors a safe and COVID free year.

If you have comments or just thoughts let us know.

Click here to see what the latest version 6.6 of the GTrek program has to offer

New GTrek GeoTagger available now

GTrek-GeoTagger (originally called GTrek-IV) now available as a free download or included with future updates (available now).

GTrek GeoTagger features:-

  • View digital images in many formats
  • View automatic slide show
  • View image statistics Date/Time, camera details and geographic location
  • View GeoTagging data in Google Earth
  • Over 2000 downloadable Icons
  • Photo-Album creator function. View your pictures on the internet.

Click here for more details and free download

GTrek products

GTrek (pronounced GeeTrek) is the perfect GPS ski or bike solution, it monitors your movement and allows you to create a highly detailed graphical record of where you have been, how far and how fast.

Perfect for skiers, bikers, golfers, track-day enthusiasts and almost any other outdoor activities you can think of, the product uses GPS satellite technology and records your exact position at regular intervals, to build up a picture of your movement.

This can include how far, how fast and how high you have travelled. Better still, the product comes with software to allow you to see where you've been using Google Earth's topographical mapping, or Google Map™ or Memory Map™.

  • Fully automatic, just switch it on to the LOG position, place in a secure pocket and forget it. Any excess data recorded can be removed later.
  • Photo Geotagging is automatic, no pressing of buttons required. No need to leave the camera switch on between shots so no excessive camera battery use.
  • Can be used anywhere in the world, no need for additional and expensive maps
  • Get all four products included for the cost of just one.

With GTrek you can also GeoTag your digital pictures. How often have you looked at pictures taken, even just a short time ago and wondered "where was that taken". Well with GTrek you can not only tell when it was taken but where you were when it was taken. For more information go to the geotagging section here.

Interested? product spec. GTrek III here, GTrek II here or go to the product links below or contact us

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Please keep a watch on the FAQ page here or if you have any new specific questions please go to the technical query page here and submit your question, we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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