Geotag your digital pictures

Have you ever looked at a photograph and wondered "where on earth was that taken ?".

Well with the GTrek II you can not only see when the picture was taken but where you were when it was taken. Upload that image to Flickr and share with friends and family.

The process is automatic and only requires you to process the data. Geotag as many pictures from as many places as you like.

GTrek II supplies the GPS data to add location information to your digital pictures (in EXIF 2.0 format or later). Works with any digital camera or camera phone.

And the best part it's completely free !!!

GeoTagging Pictures

The process of GeoTagging your digital pictures is as simple as 1,2 3:-

Route Add Add a pre-saved route file
Picture Add Add pictures to GeoCode
Adjust Time Match the computer time with the current time displayed on your camera. A simple dialogue box makes this very simple
Geocode Pics GeoCode the pictures. This process is fully automatic
Export KMZ Export data to a Google Earth compatible file and share with friend and family. Shows actual route and thumbnail images
Save Data Save GeoCoded data back to original files. These pictures can them be uploaded to social networking sites such as Flickr
Load into Google Earth Export the GeoTagged information and route data to Google Earth. View the information instantly.

And that's it, how easy can it be ?

Click here to download an example in Google maps or here for Google Earth. If you don't already have google Earth click here and dowload the free version.

For more information go here

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