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GTrek-GeoTagger Pro
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GTrek GeoTagger is available as a free download as a stand-alone utility.
GTrek GeoTagger Pro is now available with the additional feature to save the GeoTagging information back to the original picture files. Only £6.99

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GTrek Now Windows 11 compatible

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GTrek-GT Version 3.4.0,
GTrek's digital GeoTagger with Photo-Album creator

Let me ask you a question, have you ever looked at one of your own pictures and thought "that's a good picture. I wonder where it was taken ?". Well now that's not a problem anymore. With GTrek's GeoTagging features you will never have to ask that question again. Until now, to view that data you would have needed to use the GTrek program or an external web site such as and GeoTagged the image manually.

With GTrek's-GeoTagger you can view all the major image file formats (see below), display image information and GeoTagged data in textural form as geographical coordinates and as an actual location in Google Earth.

OK, your pictures are not GeoTagged !! (you don't have a GTrek, shame on you). Well GTrek-GeoTagger has the ability to manually do that for you as well (Pro version needed). Or use a free smartphone app to gather the GPS data for you.


The marker showing the exact location and of cause you can zoom in and out.

And the best bit it's completely free. Click on the link below to download your copy now!!

Image file types compatibility list:

  • *.jpg
  • *.png
  • *.gif
  • *.cr2 (Canon)
  • *.nef (Nikon)
  • *.raw
  • *.dng
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