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GTrek-GeoTagger Pro
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GTrek GeoTagger is available as a free download as a stand-alone utility.
GTrek GeoTagger Pro is now available with the additional feature to save the GeoTagging information back to the original picture files. Only £6.99

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GTrek Now Windows 11 compatible

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GTrek-GT Photo-Album creator

The new Photo-Album creator is a new feature and allows uses to take images already listed in the image list and create a photo album that can be uploaded to your webserver and then viewed from anywhere.

The process is simple:-

  • Import your images into the image list and order them as appropriate
  • Select "Create Photo Album from the File menu
  • Fill in the necessary fields and select a save location
  • If you wish to include a pre-prepaired video click the box and browse to its location.
  • Click Create Album and view the result.
  • Click on an image to see a larger version
  • If GeoTagged data is available then an option on the large display is provided to click on a link and see where the picture was taken.

If you are happy with the result upload with your preferred FTP transfer program or use the built in feature

What does it look like ?

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