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Question - My SkiLog does not appear to record any data.

Answer - The current batch of GTrek/Ski-Log data loggers, including all units sold at the 2007 London Ski Show with serial numbers from 10102 to 10352 have been fitted with bigger memory devices than expected. (We couldn't get 2Mb memory chips and used 4Mb instead so as not to disappoint our customers).

On the plus side these GTrek/Ski-Logs now have the capacity to store either 32 or 132 hours of data instead of the quoted 16 to 66. On the minus side a few customers are experiencing problems where no data is being recorded.

If you are seeing this condition then proceed as follows:

  1. Register your GTrek/Skilog here be sure to get the serial number from the box or on the inside of the battery lid.
  2. You will receive by e_mail the username and password for our download page here and follow the instructions provided.

Question - During downloading I get the following exception:
"Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow".
"Module: frmDownload"
"Method: analyseData"

Answer - This error is due to data in the transmission stream being lost. Software from v1.0.1.10 will fix this error. See update notes above

Question - Can the GTrek software run on a MAC ?

The answer is no and yes. The official answer is no we do not have a software version that is MAC compatible. However we do have a number of users that do run this product very successfully on the MAC platform.

The method used is to run a copy of Microsoft Windows XP on the MAC (assuming it's an Intel based MAC). This can be achieved either by running BootCamp (included with OS 10.5) or by installing a copy of VMware Fusion ( which provides a virtual PC within the OSX operating system and then installing a copy of Windows XP. I have tried this and it works well and you get all the benefits of a MAC and a Windows system all at the same time.

Question - The mini-disc supplied with my GTrek is not supported by my PC or my PC does not have a CD drive?

There are two solutions here:-

  1. Let us know and we will gladly post a full sized disk to you

  2. If you have access to a PC which does have a compatible CD drive and memory stick then using Windows Explorer (press the flag key and "E" together) copy the entire contents of the CD to the memory stick. Put the memory stick in the laptop and it should auto-run if it does not, using Windows Explorer browse to the memory stick and double click Install.

Question - Problem with recorded data in Google Tour?

We have noticed that the latest version of Google Earth V7.0.1.8244 (which was the default version at the time of writing) on Google download page is currently a beta version and GTrek recorded data is not displayed correctly. The route data and model icons appears to bounce in and out of the ground instead of a smooth line. This is due to a bug in Google Earth.
To fix this error uninstall Google Earth “All Programs->Google Earth->Uninstall Google Earth and download the last stable version by clicking here. Select Save and Run the software when done.

Version 5.4 software update is now available Click here

This version adds may new features and fixes minor software errors

Question - When installing GTrek software you encounter a "Turn Windows features on or off" message.

Older installation disks (pre-Windows 8) will not install on Windows 8 64 bit systems. You can either order a replacement disk or try the procedure here.

Then see the instructions here

Due to changes being implemented in our web servers some program features that use the internet will cease to function unless version 5.4 or later is installed.

Click here to download the latest update

We have been informed that a recent release of Google Earth (anything later than 7.1.2) created an error requesting you to download Google Earth because it can’t be located.

If you are getting this message

Google Earth not found

And you can run Google Earth from the start button then proceed as follows:

  1. Uninstall Google Earth
  2. Download and install this version by clicking here

This error will be corrected in the next update

Can't get a connection to the GTrek in the latest update 5.5.6.

  1. Platforn:
    Windows 7 (maybe windows 8)
  2. Symptom:
    When connecting the GTrek no connection can be made and no data can be downloaded.
  3. Cause:
    Windows 10 exhibited some notification issues when the GTrek was connected and disconnected. A modification was carried out to correct this.
  4. Solution:
    This change caused a problem with Windows 7 Home Premium but may affect other platforms. The quick solution is to connect and switch the GTrek to log and then run the GTrek program.
An error has occurred in the script on this page

An error can occur when the mouse is moved over a Maps image on the main analyser screen. The actual error refers to a script error in a files called "onion.js". This was noticed about 6 months ago after Google issued an update to the Google Maps program. A software update was issued to the GTrek program to facilitate a fix. It now appears the fault has returned and a GTrek update will be issued soon.

In the meantime a fix can be downloaded here. The fix is a change to the registry, click on the link and save the file and then execute it by double clicking it.

Google Tour IconAs of January 11 2017 Google has removed support for the embedded version of Google Earth

From January 11 2017 Google has removed all support for the embedded version of Google Earth and as such the Google Tour option has ceased to function and an error is given. We are currently looking into alternatives and will inform when these are available. If you have any comments please let up know at

When I open the route analyser I get this message
Not default browser

This message will be displayed if Windows thinks you are using an old version of Internet Explorer (IE), you may not be but it thinks you are. There is a simple registry fix, download this file and double click it. To apply all the entries for all users you will need to be an admin user but if not it will fix it just for you so ignore the error. Click here for the fix. Save the file, open your file downloads and run the fix.

GPS week number rollover error.

A strange fact, GPS satellites send week number data as a 10bit number. This week number counter counts from 0 to 1023 and then rolls over to zero. This happened on the 6th April 2019 and all hell broke loose. Doesn’t anybody remember the millennium bug ? haven’t we learnt anything ?

Well maybe not so there a software update version 6.2.0. Goto the download page, ah can’t remember the password then just register your GTrek device again.

If you have downloaded data since the 6th April your data will have incorrect dates and we have provided a utility to fix the files available here

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