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Question - My Gtrek Log does not appear to record any data.

Answer - A batch of Gtrek Loggers, including all units sold at the 2007 London Ski Show with serial numbers from 10102 to 10352 have been fitted with bigger memory devices than expected. (We couldn't get 2Mb memory chips and used 4Mb instead so as not to disappoint our customers).

On the plus side these GTrek/Ski-Logs now have the capacity to store either 32 or 132 hours of data instead of the quoted 16 to 66. On the minus side a few customers are experiencing problems where no data is being recorded.

If you are seeing this condition then proceed as follows:

  1. Download the updated program by going here (V5.1 - 31/5/2008). (Note you do have to have registered your GTrek logger and received a Username and Password before attempting this)
  2. Extract skilog.exe from the ZIP file and replace the existing version in c:\Program Files\ski-log\skilog.exe
  3. Run the Ski-Log application, connect your Ski-Log and switch it to the LOG position.
  4. Click the "Settings" and select "Configure Ski-Log" to configure your Ski-Log
  5. Select an appropriate logging period (Best Resolution recommended)
  6. Click "Save", this action will reset your Ski-Log, reset the default parameters and clear the memory.
  7. When done (approx 30 seconds) click "Download and Manage Data"
  8. Click "Start Logging", the Total Record Count should start incrementing after a couple of seconds.

Question - During downloading I get the following exception:
"Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow".
"Module: frmDownload"
"Method: analyseData"

Answer - This error is due to data in the transmission stream being lost. Software from v1.0.1.10 will fix this error.

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